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What Baptist Believe

Our belief about the Bible

We believe that the Bible is the word of God. We accept it as written.


Our belief about Jesus Christ

He is the Word – God in the flesh. He was born of the Virgin Mary; died on the cross; was raised from the dead; and is coming back again.


Our belief about salvation

Is only obtained through grace. It is a gift from God.


Our belief about the church

We believe the church is the local body of Christ, composed of baptized believers in Jesus Christ.


We have two ordinances

Baptism, through immersion in water and Communion, through the sharing of the sacraments of bread and wine. These are outward expressions of an inward feeling and acceptance.


What we believe as to how the church relates to the state

The state has no power to govern the church.


Our program, the Baptist purposes for existence

Evangelism, Education and Discipleship

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